Organizations we've worked with

Over the years we’ve had the supreme pleasure of working with a number of influential companies across the business and social spectrum and each one comes with its own unique set of challenges. Suffice it to say we love a challenge. Seems the results speak for themselves.


"I was fortunate to witness first-hand the ‘amazing’ part of Amazing Agency. We needed two videos completed under a very tight deadline to promote our revamped software offering in an engaging and sophisticated manner. Not only did the team exceed my expectations, the videos they produced explained our software offering well and illustrated the features in a way that my clients can easily understand. A big thank you to the entire Amazing Agency team!"
Tom Atkins President, Tramore Group
"a big thank you"- Tramore Group
“I have had the pleasure to work with Fawn Annan’s team at Amazing Agency in producing a fabulous video for the Intelligent Community Forum from stock and original filming re-edited to tell a very dynamic story of Intelligent Cities. We were very impressed with the outcome and highly recommend this great creative team of professionals.”
John G. Jung Executive Director ICF Canada (Toronto) | Chairman & Co-Founder Intelligent Community Forum (NYC) | President, Intelligent Community Forum Foundation (NYC)
"impressed"- ICF Canada
“The Grapevine video is fantastic. Our team loved how you all really understood the feeling and community spirit of Grapevine.”
Leigh Lyons Director of Communications, Grapevine CVB
"fantastic"- Grapevine CVB
“They did an excellent job! This was the best effort that we have seen from various production teams.”
Todd DeGidio CEO
"Working with the team at Amazing Agency was a breeze and an incredibly inclusive process. They were able to understand my vision and bring it to life in a visual way which exceeded my expectations. Amazing Agency cares for the client and allows for plenty of input throughout the entire project."
Amanda VIrtanen Director of Tourism, County of Haliburton
"exceeded expectations"- County of Haliburton
"Amazing Agency helped us emphasize our brand messaging "Over 400 Fairways, never more than 40 minutes away", by designing a television episode entirely around this premise. The fun-filled 18 Courses in 48 Hour Challenge showcased the close proximity of our courses while keeping to the adventurous theme of the show which aired nationally on TSN. On top of that, their team of professionals implemented a social media content campaign that amplified our message across all the major platforms and in no time our reach surpassed 50,000 and our impressions were over 70,000. We not only reached our audience but were engaging them as well. We are thrilled with the outcome."
Mark McLane Executive Director, Golf PEI
"thrilled"- Golf PEI
"I have worked with the Amazing Agency Team for several years and have always been pleased with the quality of work from creative to process and final execution of the deliverables. A highly professional creative content group that never disappoint. The video work has been used as an opening for our annual IDC Directions event which covers trends in technology. It’s an extremely skilled, professional and wonderfully creative team of experts that I highly recommend. "
Lars Goransson Country Manager, IDC Canada
"wonderfully creative"- IDC Canada
“From start to finish it has been a true pleasure working with Amazing Agency and the entire crew. It was definitely one of the more enjoyable productions we have been a part of and we would always welcome them back to the city. Additionally, we would highly recommend their production team to any tourism organization.”
Morgan Snyder & Lisa Wallace Director of Public Relations & Senior Communications Manager, Visit Indy
"highly recommend"- Visit Indy
"Working with Amazing Agency was a lot like hitting the trifecta. We got to work with a talented, fun team of professionals. They created engaging, memorable content that was wholly genuine and well-integrated into the programming. And our client, Transylvania County Tourism was thrilled with the results. We can't recommend their team enough."
Brad Campbell Creative Director, Market Connections
"can't recommend enough"- Market Connections